Gestalt 2018

About the team and the programme:

Shikha - "Three of you brought everything alive. You walk the talk"

Satish - Exceedingly experiential

Lindo - Journey started with different parts of me, whole is larger than sum of its parts

Padma - Subtle ways in which you made us go into ourselves. Lots of integration took place in me

Deepti - Gestalt training came at the right time for me. Theory has been experienced, experience has been theorised

Amit - Non-judgmental, very human, you communicated “we are there for you, we are part of your journey, comes alive in a fascinating way. Gestalt for your own development, personal growth vs Gestalt to practice

Kala - There was a sync between the three of you, appropriate pace. In the group there was different level of awareness; despite differences, you held the group together, made the group to gel.

Raj - I have been here a few times. Each time I have taken something. Subtle. Aha.. great take away. I came here to empty my vessel

Swetha - It has been a transformational experience. Everyday I could discover something new about myself. Perfect coordination between the three of you.

Varsha - Came looking for solutions. I opened pandora’s box. Non-judgmental, spoke about issues openly and not ashamed of it. I surprised myself.

Chrisma - Every person in the group was a resource. Sentiments in terms of your own growth, community bonding, saw as a part of that process

It was a wonderful programme which helped me to identify the "GOLD" and "GOD" in myself which is "Unconscious" self of mine. The self discovery of mine has been amazing. Identification of my resources is a new excitement in me and a new energy pumped in me which is helping to survive all the negativity around.. I see the world differently now.

I Thoroughly enjoyed all the 21 days with Cynthia, Steve and Leo and looking forward many more programmes. Thank You Cynthia, Leo and Steve and Jessie for all .

Munwari Padmanabhan - After the programme I have positivity, options, Love, Resources, Trustworthy relationships around me... etc etc..

Christina - I am glad I attended the Advanced NLP programme this year. I want to say THANK YOU for all the effort you took to help me fight my limitations. It has certainly brought out a personal change in me. The Core Transformation was incredible, and I realize that there is no hindrance in moving towards the positive direction. I am calmer and more determined to move ahead./p>