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Our Featured Courses

We facilitate Your Journey of Becoming a Better You - irrespective of your position in life or in society. Our participants include homemakers, students, teachers, counselors, coaches, executives, managers, consultants, entrepreneurs and anyone and everyone Who Seeks to Connect with Themselves.

Basic NLP

Training in NLP Basic Practitioner skills.

Advanced NLP

Training programme in Advanced NLP skills

Gestalt Therapy – I

Gestalt therapeutic principles and Part-I

Gestalt Therapy – II

Gestalt therapeutic principles and

Health & Wholeness

NLP applied to health and wholeness

Tools of spirit

NLP and personal integration: Tools of the Spirit, NLP and Meta-programmes

Evolved leadership

Training in NLP Basic Practitioner skills.

Power of Relationship

Training in NLP Basic Practitioner skills.

Our purpose

To be competent and effective facilitators of transformative journey from within, to make people experience true inner freedom, to make a difference in the world, to bring healing to the suffering humanity, to enable people actualise their full potential and to live meaningful / contented lives; .

Our Beliefs

  • “We are one with God. Our deepest Self is one with the Divine” - Thomas Merton
  • “Each soul is potentially divine. The goal is to manifest this divinity by becoming aware of nature, both external and internal” - Swami Vivekananda
  • “When you are connected with the Whole, you no longer need to protect or defend the part. You are now connected to something inexhaustible.” - Jalal-ad-din Muhammad Rumi

What our Participants Say About our Programs

NLP Certification Program


Gestalt Therapy Program


The Journey from Thoughtfulness to Mindfulness

with.. Our Qualified Trainers

Dr. Cynthia Gonsalves

Leo Lobo

Dr. Steve Titus

Jessie Furtado

Our Vision

To continuously seek meaning and bring it to life, within our own selves and act as facilitators for this transformative journey in others so that they experience true inner freedom. By doing so, they bring new meaning to their own lives by making a difference to humankind through a process of continuous healing that enables individuals to actualize their potential.

Our Mission

To reach as many people as possible with the aim of bringing about a positive change in their lives through espousing the theories of NLP and facilitating their journeys towards greater self-awareness. To continuously spread the message of non-duality in a world where divergence is considered dissonance. To prove that “When Things Change Inside You, Things Change Around You.”