The Basic NLP

Get up close with the inner self

The program is designed for individuals seeking to experience their life journey more deeply through enhanced awareness.

Advanced NLP

Become an NLP Practitioner

The program is structured to continue the journey of participants who attended the NLP Basic program and got in touch with their inner selves by developing..

Gestalt Therapy Part-1

Learn the basic principles

The core of the training is experiencing Gestalt principles and skills. This offers the opportunity to immerse oneself fully in the Gestalt process,

Gestalt Therapy Part-2

Learn the Basic Principles

The Program is designed to progressively develop the personal, theoretical and practical skills of participants with an initial emphasis ...

Evolved Leadership

The power of transcendence

The Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs defines the pinnacle of human journey as ‘self-actualization’ and ‘transcendence’..

Tools of the Spirit

Achieve personal integration

The program is based on the contours of making oneself effective in the journey called life. And this effectiveness largely depends.....

Health & Wholeness

Connect the body and the mind

Science has now conclusively proved that a healthy body can be achieved through a strong mind, whereas for the mind to be strong,

Power Of Relationship

The Art of personal connect

The most important relationship in the journey called life is that between our Smaller Self (Atman) and the Bigger Self (Param-atman)..