Health & Wholeness

Health & Wholeness

Science has now conclusively proved that a healthy body can be achieved through a strong mind, whereas for the mind to be strong, the body needs to be in good condition. So, health is as much about how we go about our lives on a daily basis as it is with what goes on in our minds during our waking hours.

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The participants are put through experiential learning of choice, congruence and balance, stress versus optimism and good health, about knowing what one want’s when one wants to be healthy, of pain and pain relief with medication, of pleasure, happiness and belief systems and healthy aging.

An important part of human existence is built on mindfulness, which the spiritual leaders have suggested as the panacea for a wholesome life. The program concludes with a look at one’s spiritual health, an integrated life and fulfilment. The program is a must for all those desirous of exploring their Inner Self as well as those having health related challenges.