NLP Advanced

Advanced NLP

The program is structured to continue the journey of participants who attended the NLP Basic program and got in touch with their inner selves by developing awareness and understanding the options that it brings.

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With this program, the participant gets to learn skills about changes for greater productivity, contentment, creativity and effectiveness in all spheres of life. It provides an understanding of the mind that helps break habitual patterns, phobias, allergies and all types of limitations. One also gets to learn advanced skills to live in a state of excellence, integrate past, present and future time lines and engage in a transformative process which enables to live fully at all times.

The program could be useful for everyone from teachers to students, executives starting off a career to those in leadership roles, sales and marketing personnel, entrepreneurs, those working with other people as trainers, consultants, coaches, HR Professional and L&D managers and all others who perform helping roles and relationship building.