Gestalt Therapy – I

Gestalt Therapy – I

The core of the training is experiencing Gestalt principles and skills. This offers the opportunity to immerse oneself fully in the Gestalt process, method and skills alongside other participants and course facilitators, thus bringing Gestalt principles to life.

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As you progress you will develop self-awareness and understanding of one’s self as well as a wealth of practical and creative skills to improve. Participants will learn how to use these skills as a holistic person and enhance your capacity to facilitate growth in others. We attempt to tap into trainees’ resources, creativity and intuition so that interventions come alive in terms of the dialogue between you and others.

The program would be useful to those who seek in-depth experience of individual and group practice and theory for their continuing Professional Development. Those who are part of the helping relationship will find this to be an excellent addition to their skill set and a beneficial service to offer to others. It also helps corporate managers, medical doctors, executives, leaders, and practitioners, teachers, counsellors, therapists to deepen their engagement.