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Programs stand postponed indefinitely

Latest Announcements

Dear Friends:

We hope all of you have been holding up well in the wake of the lockdown, necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Indeed, these past few months have been unprecedented in terms of limited mobility to anxiety over uncertainties around the future. As we write this post, the numbers of Covid Positive cases in India are rising exponentially. Our team extends our prayers as well as good wishes to all of you and exhort you to stay safe.

At the same time, we are also sure that for many of you, these past few months would have presented a welcome opportunity to slow down the pace and take life one moment at a time, becoming aware of our thoughts and feelings in the process and thus getting closer to oneself after every such contemplation.

As we approach the current phase of the Unlock, many of you have reached out to us with a view to getting clarification on when our workshops would take place. Suffice to say that we need to assess the situation very closely, given that it is changing with each passing day, most times for the better and sometimes not so.

Having discussed the challenges and the situation within our team, we believe that the best course for now would be to keep the Gestalt-2 and NLP Basic programs we planned for September, in further abeyance. As you know, the lockdown restrictions would not allow us to congregate at a location for a period that is required by us to conduct our workshops. In spite of the relaxations in lockdown processes, we hold the view that it is better to be safe at this juncture. As a result we have decided to indefinitely postpone the next round of workshops.

In case you have any queries, please feel free to write to us at: or

Keep watching this space for more. We promise to re-start the programs once normalcy returns.

From 2020, we would be offering our programs in this format:

Program Title Parts Days Parts Days
Gestalt Therapy I 4
Gestalt Therapy II 4
NLP Practitioner Training - Basic I 6
NLP Practitioner Training - Basic II 5
NLP Master Practitioner – Advanced I 5
NLP Master Practitioner – Advanced II 5
Health & Wholeness 5
Tools of the Spirit 5

Some salient features:

  • Inclusion of weekends into the schedule so that participants need to take less days off from work.
  • The total number of days and hours of training remain the same given that our programs are recognized globally. Moreover, our past experience of 25 years shows that this amount of time is required for the training to be solid and thorough;
  • The quality of our training is not compromised by breaking the training programme into two parts. In fact, the time in-between the two parts would help to assimilate the learning before moving on to the 2nd part.
  • We remain committed to the methodology that is a perfect combination of skills and principles experienced in the Here & Now while also theorizing the experience so that learning becomes integral to one’s life.
  • The Certificates would be issued only after a participant completes both parts of the program.
  • We continue to keep our course fees as low as possible to make the training affordable to many so that there would be more transformed people and consequently more ripple effect on the society.

We sincerely hope that this new design of training is more suitable for many who desire to attend our training programme but could not.

Life is Good

(Team WellSpring NLP Integrated)

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