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Announcing NLP Basic - Two Parts

Latest Announcements

Dear Friends:

Thank you for your patience and support over the past two years, a time when the world virtually ground to a halt due to the pandemic. At WellSpring NLP, we realised the value that our programs would have on a larger set of people as they struggled with personal and professional challenges brought about by the Covid-19 and in its aftermath. Our constant prayers and well-wishes remain with all of you out there who've attended our programs and thus become part of a large family of compassionate and caring individuals who grow their own awareness levels and help others in their journeys as well.

Having conducted both Gestalt and NLP Basic Practitioner's Courses over two parts, as we mentioned at the start of the year, we are now going ahead and following the same practice. The programs were conducted at Ashirvad on St. Mark's Road in Bangalore in 2022 but from 2023, we have added another venue in Bangalore. The new venue is KROSS, 58/6, 2nd Cross, Da Costa Layout, Wheeler Road Extension, Bangalore - 84.

As has been the case since we began delivering these programs more than two decades ago, our own experiences with successive batches has resulted in our courses becoming more sharp, better organised with an invaluable mix of the experiential and theory. We promise to continue our own learning process as we work with each one of you in yours.

In case you have any suggestions or wish to connect with us at an individual level, you are free to do so by emailing us at We would be happy to revert and assist you in any which way possible to make your journeys go the way you want them to go..

In case you have any queries, please feel free to write to us at: or

Keep watching this space for more. .

The New Format of our Programs

Program Title Parts Days Parts Days
Gestalt Therapy I 4
Gestalt Therapy II 4
NLP Practitioner Training - Basic I 6
NLP Practitioner Training - Basic II 5
NLP Master Practitioner – Advanced I 5
NLP Master Practitioner – Advanced II 5
Health & Wholeness 5
Tools of the Spirit 5

Some salient features:

  • Inclusion of weekends into the schedule so that participants need to take less days off from work.
  • The total number of days and hours of training remain the same given that our programs are recognized globally. Moreover, our past experience of 25 years shows that this amount of time is required for the training to be solid and thorough;
  • The quality of our training is not compromised by breaking the training programme into two parts. In fact, the time in-between the two parts would help to assimilate the learning before moving on to the 2nd part.
  • We remain committed to the methodology that is a perfect combination of skills and principles experienced in the Here & Now while also theorizing the experience so that learning becomes integral to one’s life.
  • The Certificates would be issued only after a participant completes both parts of the program.
  • We continue to keep our course fees as low as possible to make the training affordable to many so that there would be more transformed people and consequently more ripple effect on the society.

We sincerely hope that this new design of training is more suitable for many who desire to attend our training programme but could not.

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